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"Я не люблю дивитися телевізор."

Translation:I do not like to watch the TV.

June 16, 2015



It seems I got the answer wrong by putting down "I do not like watching TV". In Ukrainian, I presume the difference "to watch" and "watching" is distinguished by using different verbal aspects? If not, how is this expressed?


It should be accepted, yours is the natural English translation for this sentence.


As I understand, "watching" here is gerund, a noun made from verb. We can sometimes do that ходити - ходіння. There's no such noun from дивитися. But we have to translate your sentence somehow, right? So it would still be "Я не люблю дивитися". Because there's just no other way


But we use the gerund in English in constructions like this where many other Indo-European languages would use an infinitive. Indeed, it is a sort of verbal noun in English.


So it would still be "Я не люблю дивитися".

I guess that means that translation with gerund should be accepted as well (if it still isn't, of course).


I put "I do not like to watch TV" and was marked wrong. The correct answer is "I do not like to watch the TV". The TV. Really! Who speaks like that! Certainly not native English speakers, and I write this as I watch the Leafs on TV (not on the TV).


I thought it was телебачення


English sentence should not have THE in front of TV

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