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"She is asking for a bottle of wine."

Translation:Hun ber om en flaske vin.

June 16, 2015



I feel like it would be helpful when introducing verbs that have specific preposition pairs to include a table of those at the beginning of the lesson, perhaps.


...but this verb can be paired with a lot of prepositions. It doesn't even need a preposition in all cases.


I know--I wasn't implying that the verb/preposition pairings are exclusive. I guess I meant common combinations that have specific meanings.


isnt, ´hun spør etter en flaske vin´also right?


I used 'stiller' and was marked incofrect. Why?


"Å stille - stiller" is used specifically as in "asking a question". You can look at it in English as closer to "posing"

She is asking(posing) him a question - hun stiller ham et spørsmål

They are exhibiting(posing, showing off) an artwork - de stiller ut et kunstverk

He is put(posed) before the court - Han er stillt for retten

When you are asking for something as a request you're not posing a question, more as giving a request.

She is asking for a bottle of wine - hun ber om en flaske vin

We ask you to please turn off your cellphones before the show - Vi ber dere om å vennligst skru av mobiltelefonene deres før programmet

As asked in another comment, "spør etter" and "ber etter" are pretty much interchangable.


Wow. thanks for such a clear and consice answer. Very helpful.

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