"An bhfuil tú as do mheabhair?"

Translation:Are you out of your mind?

June 16, 2015

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The audio clip for this puts a nice emphasis on it!


It's really cool when idioms translate across languages -- for instance, being "out of your mind" to mean crazy/irrational in both English and Irish! It would be awesome if Duolingo included more tips/explanations for the Irish course to let learners know when something is a common idiom in Irish, and when it's just a weird bot-generated sentence that sounds as bizarre in one language as it does in another.


Is this Bearlachas (accents are not trivial in Ubuntu so I don't use them)?


This was tough for me, because mheabhair sounds just like leabhair. I guess you have to just listen to the context?


mheabhair doesn't sound "just like leabhair",

The mh of mheabhair and the l of leabhair are completely different sounds.


A new one for me, normally would use An bhfuil tú amach as do cheann .. are you out of your head


Dinneen included as a a mheabhair in his 1904 dictionary, so it's certainly not a new expression, but his translation was a somewhat milder "distracted".


So what is the simple reply for "yes"?


You repeat the verb to give an affirmative reply. As An bhfuil is the interrogative form of , you reply with or Táim to say "Yes".

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