"They do not usually write letters."

Translation:Eles não escrevem cartas normalmente.

October 5, 2013

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Is "Eles normalmente não escrevam cartas" really such an unusual word order?


not at all!! (escrevem*)


How about "Eles não normalmente escrevem cartas" ?? kkkkkkkkkkk

So far "Eles normalmente não escrevem cartas" is good, and, "Normalmente eles não escrevem cartas" is right, so maybe also "Eles não normalmante escrevem cartas" ?? Languages are fun, and funny... ;)


Well, I wouldn't use it... Adverbs can come at the beginning of a sentence (then I'd use a comma) or before "não". =)


What about ^Normalmente eles não escrevem cartas"? This is getting very frustrating!!!!


It's fine! There is no strict rule for placement of adverbs of frequency in Portuguese, contrary to English.


"normalmente" in this particular case has a double meaning, because while it can indicates the time or routine the write letters, it can also indicates how they write those letters. The best way ( so that wouldn't have double meaning) should have been - Eles não costumam escrever cartas


This is wrong? "Eles não escrevem usualmente cartas".

Regarding https://www.duolingo.com/comment/914464$comment_id=20590625: You do only put adjectives after the verb, not adverbs, don't you?

How shall I remember that normalmente can be at the end of the sentence, before "não", but not before cartas?


Using adverbs after verbs sounds awkward in Portuguese. Also, "usualmente" is a literal translation. Though you do have this word in Portuguese, it is not common.


Can you write "Eles não costumam escrever cartas." ?


I think it should be accepted also.


In another exercise, geralmente was used for usually and now suddenly is wrong...a mistake or am I just confused?


Surely there's no reason why 'letras' is unacceptable here. It's a perfectly valid sentence


Eu sou do brasil e vim aqui para ajudar as pessoas que tem dificuldade, a gente não escreve como vocês gringos, exemplos: BLACK shoes: sapatos PRETOS; BLUE shirt, camisa AZUL; :)


Bad English. 'Usually they don't write letters', 'They usually don't write letters' or 'They are not use to write letters'

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