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  5. "Твої окуляри і твоя парасоля"

"Твої окуляри і твоя парасоля"

Translation:Your glasses and your umbrella

June 17, 2015



I just figured out a way to remember umbrella-- it sounds like parasol!! those light umbrellas from Victorian times!


A tweet. The German, Icelandic, and Scandinavian languages"Auga""oga" and this are similar!


these words are etymologically related


although I am only getting typo errors, I have a question. the letter я is supposed to make a "ya" sound, correct? Why am I not hearing a long A without the effect of the Y in the two nouns?


Cyrillic ‘Я’ combines two things:

  • After a break (which means beginning of a word or anything like Ukrainian apostrophe) or after another vowel it do sounds iotified, like ‘ja’ in Polish or German.

  • After a consonant it is not iotified but it softens that consonant instead. For example French ‘la’ is written as ‘ля’ in Cyrillic script.

Please compare words ‘стела’ and ‘стеля’ on forvo.com. Both have ‘A’ sound in the end but ‘L’ sounds different. And ‘ja’ in Dutch sounds exactly like ‘я’.


Glasses are something you drink from spectacles are what you look through duolingo has not got a clue about English


Depends on what English speaking part of the world you are in. Where I am, you drink from a glass or cup and put on your glasses. DuoLingo English is actually depicted with an American flag, not a Union Jack.


I agree, the sentience makes perfect since to me. Only, I cannot think of an instance where someone would be handing me my glasses and an umbrella. Maybe after leaving a sauna to the rain?


Why has my answer 'your spectacles and your umbrella' been marked incorrect. Please be aware that spectacles is another word for glasses.


Offer your suggestion. The Duo team is always looking for ways to make their sentences make more since.

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