"Imrímid leis an liathróid gach tráthnóna."

Translation:We play with the ball each evening.

June 17, 2015

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Is there a distinction between afternoon and evening in Irish?


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I thought that "tráthnóna" meant "evening". Does it also refer to the afternoon?


If gach means "every", how would you say "the whole"?

As in "we play with the ball all night"?


We play with thd ball 'EACH' evening. Or We play with the ball 'EVERY' evening . Is there a difference is the way it would be said in irish ??


Must be a heck of a great ball.


beginner here. so "Imrímid le liathróid gach tráthnóna." is we play with A ball each evening? is that right? or is it "Imrímid leis liathróid gach tráthnóna?" its that article before the noun that gets me, in this case "leis" or with "it". Is it to refer to a thing or someone thats feminine or masculine then the noun after it describes what it is? another example is "is é Dathai mo chara." is the bit before the noun only used when talking about something or someone specifically?


le becomes leis before a definite article - an or na. This is just a spelling change, the meaning doesn't change: leis an liathróid - "with the ball".

There is a different leis, the prepositional pronoun, the combined form of the preposition le and the pronoun é - "with him/it". This leis never occurs immediately before a definite article.

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