Translation:He has never felt better.

3 years ago


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How do I know that this is "He has never felt better" It looks to me like "He never felt better" Those have very different meanings to me. If this means "He has never felt better", how do I say "He never felt better"?

3 years ago

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Esperanto, like most languages, doesn't distinguish between the two. (This is one of the things that English learners have a lot of trouble with, so it would make sense not to include it in Esperanto.)

3 years ago


Even as a native speaker of English, I'm having a difficult time imagining a situation where both "he never felt better" and "he has never felt better" have different meanings.

In a past-tense story, it is useful to have these two tenses:

  • he never felt better (1)

  • he had never felt better (2)

Those are expressed like this:

> He never felt better than when they were talking. (1)

> Li neniam fartis pli bone ol dum ili parolis.

> ... ili parolantis.

> He'd never felt better than before they talked. (2)

> Li jam neniam fartis pli bone antaŭ ol ili parolis.

> He felt better once they'd talked than he'd ever felt before. (both)

> Li fartis pli bone, de kiam ili parolis, ol jam ĉiam antaŭe.

It's really not too important to have a pluperfect tense, although there is one if people want to use it.

2 years ago


It won't let me reply to comments, but I think he was asking about the difference between "He's never felt better" and "he never did feel better," the latter meaning he felt bad and never improved

2 years ago

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Duo doesn't take my answer as correct: "He never felt better." But:: "He is never felt better."

I'm not native English speaker and I don't understand the constaction of the second one. Can anybody explane it to me?

1 year ago


What about "he did never feel better". I'm not a native english speaker but it sounds good to me. It is not a good translation?

6 months ago
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