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  5. "The bathroom is here."

"The bathroom is here."

Translation:Туалет тут.

June 17, 2015



A bathroom is not a toilet. Although, many people ask where the toilet is when they really mean where is the bathroom? So, while in english both are acceptable, They do not translate the same.


As an Englishman I would not think for one second that someone asking for the 'bathroom' wanted the toilet. As the English language, as the name implies, is based on the language of the English, then I think that it would be more useful to use English translations for both questions and answers. It would do no harm for some of our American friends to understand the basis of their mother tongue. ;-)


I think, they just stick to the US usage in main translations, with a possible fallback to other varieties of English. A toilet bowl is «унітаз», so it is unlikely to cause much confusion.

Come to think of it, the bathroom is the room where the bath is, not where the toilet is. So the usage common for the U.S. is rather strange in that it does not let you differentiate between the two (after all, in other languages you will ask for a bathroom if you want to take a bath).

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