"Mi loĝas ĉe la orienta marbordo de Usono."

Translation:I live on the east coast of the United States.

June 17, 2015

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Woah. The Eastern Seaboard. sea-border


That's exactly what I love about Esperanto!


Wth... Border is landlimo but a coast is marbordo... Why isn't a border bordo or landbordo?


Well, coasts are where the country runs out of land, whereas a borderline is some more or less artificial line where the laws change when you cross. They aren't really the same thing. I guess you could use "marlimo" for artificial line across the water where laws change.


Another example's hint stated "apud" to mean "on (a coast)." Should that not have been accepted here?

I'm making the call to report it.


Damn, I didn't reply to the relevant example. Disregard me here, I suppose, but I was marked wrong on another for using "apud la [whichever] marbordo."


On any contribution you add, you'll find a way to delete that contribution. (The exact way depends on whether you're on a desktop or on a hand-held.) That way, if you add something by mistake, you can remove it, so it won't clutter the comments.

That being said, "apud" is close to, or next to. Other than some lumturistoj, few people live so close to the water that they might fall in.


El regxo Heenok diris: "orienta marbordo, vi auxdas?"

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