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"Fotografen har en yrkesutdannelse."

Translation:The photographer has a vocational education.

June 17, 2015



The hardest word I have so far encountered with Norwegian! (YIKES)

yrkesutdannelse, more like yikes-utdannelse ;)


yrke+utdannelse = yrkesutdannelse


The s is just a connecting letter????


Yes. 's' isn't the only connecting letter, so other words like this may have 'e' or 's' or as the connecting letter. You cannot easily guess which letter should be used to 'connect' words, so you'll just have to learn the whole word, but it might aid you in remembering what the word means when you split it up.


Thank you so much :-)


What is a vocational education? I don't have it in my dictionary, and Google translate isn't the best source for any translation. I'm sorry, I'm not a native English speaker :(


A vocational education is essentially training for a skilled job, like photographer, plumber, or mechanic.


Ohh thank you so much!! <3 In Croatian, it would be "strukovno obrazovanje". Fun.


Ja sam doslovno iz hrvatske i zanimalo me isto pitanje lmao


I don't want to be that guy, but I honestly don't feel I'll need to use this word when speaking with any Norwegians in the near future.


Education is actually a big talking point. If it's not your own, then it's your children's, or your grandchildren's, or somebody else's children's, or education in a larger context. You're all here to get educated, aren't you?


You have no idea how many definite singulars I mistook for plurals because of German.


Duo doesn't accept its own pronunciation or Google's pronunciation. The audio recognition needs to be fixed. I reported it.


Totally agree


In practice I assume "yrkesutdannelse" would refer to an education tailored specifically to a certain job?


Yes, like a nurse = sykepleier


Ok pleier is tend or in this context like to take care of. So like the 'syk' that takes care of you. I'm assuming syk is something like sister or sibling like in other languages but I CAN NOT UNSEE the word 'zuka' 'cyka' HAHAHAHAHAHA the suka that takes care of you XD


En syk person = a sick person. To be sick = å være syk. I am sick = jeg er syk.

Sykepleier = en person som pleier en som er syk= a person who nurse a sick person.


Would "yrkesutdanning" be incorrect?


You may use "yrkesutdannelse" and "yrkesutdanning" interchangeably.


What is the -nelse ? Plural?


I used yrkesutdanning, and was marked wrong.


Jeg hadde en yrkesutdannelse, og det var i fotografering. (ekte)


English isn't my first language though I'm fairly fluent, can I ask if there really is a difference to the term 'professional training'? Either way I learned 2 new words in one sentence here today


What would be the crucial difference between the pairs vocational/professional and education/training (and/or the expressions vocational education/professional training)


The problem is in English, not Norwegian.

Vocational education/training = the training undertaken for a skilled job, e.g. butcher, mechanic, photographer, nurse, welder.

Professional education/training = the training undertaken for a job that requires a degree, e.g. doctor, lawyer, professor etc.

The line is a little muddy - there are nurses who have degrees, for example! But in the sentence above, while a photographer might have a university degree, it's not actually something that's required to do the job (as opposed to being a doctor, where not having a university degree will get you struck off and quite possibly imprisoned).

Norwegian uses the same word for both types of training - you just have to decide when translating which is the most appropriate in English.


The tip on the word says it can both mean professional education and vocational education.

I dont get how it can mean both things, and thus when exactly use one or the other... I don't feel like they're interchangeable.

Or am i wrong?


yrke = profession, vocation

It's a professional education in the sense that it's tied to a profession; you're completing it to go into that specific profession or vocation. "Professional" is not being used as the antonym of unprofessional here.


Ok weird because that's not what a professional education is in the US.


After reading all of the comments I still don't understand why professional education isn't right!


Finding it impossible to get past this without turning speaking off! Is anyone managing to get it marked correct?


Why is fotographer wrong? Only photographer is correct?


Yes, it's spelled "photographer" in English.


Is ''The photographer has a professionalising education.'' accepted as an answer? According to the dictionary ''vocational'', ''professional'' and ''professionalising'' are synonyms.


Can the term 'technical education' be used here?


Is this different to higher education?


I think "trade education" should be accepted because I think a trade education and a vocational education are the same thing.


"vocational training" would be what would often be used in American academic circles.


the listening software doesn't work for yrkesutdannelse


after about 15 tries pronouncing it exactly the same way, and exactly as the recording was saying it, it finally accepted one of them. regardless the software is clearly broken here


will not accept...... Grrrrrr.........


How do I escape this word?? I have said it 10 times already!!


I had the same problem. The only thing I could figure out was to click the "can't speak now" button, which turns off all speaking exercises for 1 hour.


This is a word you'll literally never use


I'm really struggling to pronounce "yrkesutdannelse". Does anyone have any tips on how to break it down into syllables for clearer pronunciation? In particular, I can't pronounce the "-utdannelse" correctly.


Hi! I think that "vocational training" should be a possible translation. I tried both vocational training and a vocational training, but it seems that none are accepted. This collocation is in several dictionaries, for example Longman and Cambridge.


The word "yrkesutdannelse" is hard to pronounce, and Duo would not accept my efforts. The only way to move on was to click the "can't speak now" button, which is not really what I wanted. I think the system should let you move on after several attempts for pronunciation exercises.


If you come to Norway and need to say this word, you can say yrkesutdanning. That's what most people in Norway say.


Takk for kommentaren. Dette ordet virker mer enkelt.


I have spent all my hearts and still unable to convince Duolingo to accept it as correct


Could you also just say "utdannelse" or would that always refer to school education or education in general? I'm asking because in German we have the word "Berufsausbildung" (Beruf = yrke + Ausbildung = utdannelse, so litarally the same word right down to the connecting s and like in norwegian you could even split the letter word into aus=ut and Bildung=dannelse) and "Ausbildung" and usually only use "Ausbildung" while context would tell if we are talking about a professional education or education on a broader scale.


Having the hardest time pronouncing this word! I've studied Old Borse and Icelandic and it's always the compound words that kill me!!! But hey! There are so.e words in English I have a time with too


Wow! The words are getting so long!

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