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Ways of searching users

OK this is just a proposal. If you came here to find how to make friends, sorry.

In idea would be to make user searches according to: (1)login area (country), (2) activity (coins, day strikes, lingots, answers to discussions - and combinations of the above), (3) language.

October 5, 2013



That's a great idea, it will make it possible to make friends! This suggestion is really fantastic.


I also like this idea!


I don't know about you but surpassing a friend from my list is what motivates me most. So this is why I guess the search should be more accurate, we've just passed 10 millions, I have to dig out that one guy who's just a little bit more advanced than me!


Spot on! That's why I've started following Teetree! I clearly see that I need to catch up! Quick question....what other materials/vias are you using to practice what is learned here!

Sorry for the slight deviation to the topic...anyway I think the idea is exactly what I think as well!

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