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  5. "Sånt kan du gjøre hjemme."

"Sånt kan du gjøre hjemme."

Translation:Things like that you can do at home.

June 17, 2015



Does sånt have a plural form, or should this also accept things like these you can do at home?

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sånn (m+f. s.), sånt (n. s.), sånne (pl.)


So one could say Sånne kan du gjøre hjemme?

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No, that would sound weird. There is an implied "noe" in the original sentence. "Sånne ting kan du gjøre hjemme", would work.


Is there an English translation of this that is a better sentence? Perhaps: You can do things like that at home.


"You can do things like that at home" is already an accepted translation.


Yeah this sentence doesn't make sense to me as an English speaker. It might be technically correct, but it sounds very strange.


Why is it kan du and not du kan?


I believe this is another case of the Norwegian V2 word order: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/V2_word_order#Swedish,_Danish,_Norwegian,_Faroese


Why does "make" not work here? Does gjøre not apply to making things? In what sense would one use "gjøre" in the sense of "make"?


lage = make, gjøre = do. it is that simple


Thanks, simple enough. Somehow got into my notes that gjøre was either make or do.


Why is "those things you can do at home" wrong?


That would be a different sentence, referring to a specific set of things. The example sentence is talking about "things like that" which is a more general class than just "those things".

In English we could also say "those kinds of things" or "that kind of thing". And then we have a shortcut where we sometimes say "those things" but we really mean "those kinds of things" or "that kind of thing". But that would be a lot of nuance to ask the Norwegian course to accept it as a translation and could be misleading to learners who are still weak on English.


"You can do that stuff home" [sic] is marked as the correct answer? :S


I answered "stuff like this" and was marked wrong. I see that "stuff like that" is accepted. Which part of this sentence indicates that it should be "that"? Or should "this" also be correct?


Could "you can do a thing like this" be accepted?


Best answer is "Things that you can do at home." There is no need for 'like' here. That sounds like hippie talk from the 1960s or maybe the Valley girl thing. Lol


I take this sentence to mean that someone is commenting disapprovingly on something that is being done (like sleeping in class) and saying "Things like that" [which you are doing] "you can do at home" [and not here]. I have no problem with this meaning. It is quite different from the sentence without the word like.


You're suggesting that the sentence in the example is actually only a sentence fragment. In fact it is a complete sentence and I think you may have misunderstood its meaning.

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