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"Hele familien sove i ett hus."

Translation:The whole family must sleep in one house.

June 17, 2015



Is there an audible difference between this and hele familien må sove i et hus? If not that should also be accepted

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There isn't. I've disabled dictation as we still want to teach the difference between "ett" (="one") and "et" (="a, an").


It's currently not possible to accept more than one sentence on listening exercises.


I've said this before, but to me this is incomprehensible. I know that this is out of your hands, I also know not to expect this to change anytime soon. I just hope enough people raise this issue for the developers to take notice one day and implement what shouldn't be too hard a change.


Incomprehensible is an excellent description of this. There is no reason that the algorithm for checking the answer to a listening exercise should be any different than other exercises. As a software developer for over 40 years, I can pretty much guess what the algorithm is, and it seems to me that you would have to go out of your way to limit a listening exercise to just one answer.


Of course a listening exercise shouldn't accept the same range of answers as a translation exercise; only a very small subset of the accepted answers will be homophones of the main sentence.


No worries, we're as frustrated with the system as you are. There are ways to get homophones accepted, but it's a script staff has to run to correct this on a per-sentence basis, and so far they've only been willing to run it for the "in-house" courses.

Maybe one day!


You're right (as usual!). Perhaps the software has been set up so that you can only tag one answer as being valid for listening (maybe that's what fveldig meant above?). I realize this is a general DL software problem, and has nothing to do with the wonderful "Norwegian Team", so I hope I didn't offend anyone with my comment. (If so, jeg beklager!)


Poor Norwegians who can't even afford a house for each indiviudal person. :D

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