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"Hele familien sove i ett hus."

Translation:The whole family must sleep in one house.

June 17, 2015



Is there an audible difference between this and hele familien må sove i et hus? If not that should also be accepted

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There isn't. I've disabled dictation as we still want to teach the difference between "ett" (="one") and "et" (="a, an").


It's fine to teach the diffferent between ett and et, but you don't need to do it here. This unit is about infinitives. Ett and et are already covered way back in the counting unit. If you want to teach it, you must do it in an unambiguous way.

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It's currently not possible to accept more than one sentence on listening exercises.


I've said this before, but to me this is incomprehensible. I know that this is out of your hands, I also know not to expect this to change anytime soon. I just hope enough people raise this issue for the developers to take notice one day and implement what shouldn't be too hard a change.


Incomprehensible is an excellent description of this. There is no reason that the algorithm for checking the answer to a listening exercise should be any different than other exercises. As a software developer for over 40 years, I can pretty much guess what the algorithm is, and it seems to me that you would have to go out of your way to limit a listening exercise to just one answer.


the whole family must live in a house the whole must live in one house

I do not see much of a distinguishable difference. Using sound, impossible to tell the difference


I'd say the distinguishable difference is there, but in a faulty way. At regular speed, I cannot hear any stress of the "et(t)", which according to what has been taught here means it is an "et". At slow speed, the "et(t)" is distinctly stressed, which means it is an "ett".

If the audio cannot be corrected, then it would be best to either accept both "a house" and "one house" as correct (not possible as of four years ago according to replies here), or to allow answering only via wordbank and not via free typing, or to remove this audio exercise from the course.


Absolutely. If this can't be fixed, then this exercise should be removed as Osebrand suggests.


Either "ett hus" or "et hus" should be accepted. Either ones makes perfect sense. I have never noticed any restrictions where audio exercises can only accept one sentence. I can't believe that is still true. If it is, then change the sentence to something unambiguous. You could just as easily make it "sove i huset" and it would still serve the purpose of teaching the infinitive.


The "Report" option for this exercise does not include "My answer should be accepted". So I'll have to report it here. My answer of "et hus" (not "ett hus") should be accepted. If there are technical reasons why multiple answers cannot be accepted here, then this exercise should either be reworded or removed.


Why do we need an article "the" in English? Do we actually? I always, always fail on that one.

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