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"The amount of food is not enough."

Translation:Summen af mad er ikke nok.

June 17, 2015



the translation 'summen af mad' is complete nonsense, no one would ever say that in danish.. You can use 'mængde' for amount of food..


Please remove examples that Danes would never say.


I agree with Aja. You would simply say: "der er ikke nok mad".


I see complaints since 4 years ago and yet this bizarre sentence is still on line. It makes it so much more difficult to understand the nuances of the word "amount"

[deactivated user]

    The problem is the English, It should be There is not enough food.


    My translation "antallet af mad er ikke tilstrækkeligt" is totally different. Is it wrong and if so why?


    I used "mængde mad er ikke nok," which was wrong. However, if I was speaking to a Dane, I would have said, "Der er ikke nok mad." It conveys the same information but sounds more like what I heard when I was in Danmark 30 years ago.


    DUO, please correct this mistake. It is long overdue!

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