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"Det er ikke plass til ekstremistiske politikere i samfunnet vårt."

Translation:There is no room for extremist politicians in our society.

June 17, 2015



The pronounciation of "vårt" in this sentence is about as bad as it can get. What I'm hearing sounds like "vaisrt" ...


It's terrible, we agree! :]

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I don't know how much say you guys have in what Duolingo does, but you should suggest that they let you type out phonetic pronunciations for the text to speech for when the actual spelling doesn't cut it.


We don't have that much control over the state of the TTS system.


Why ikke instead of ingen?


The English translation is wrong. "There is no room . . ." is a translation of "Det er ingen plass . . ." which is not contained in the subject sentence.

"Det er ikke plass . . ." should be translated as, "There isn't a place . . ." or "There isn't room . . .".


Is there a reason why "There is no place for extremist politicians in our society" is not correct? Plass shows in the hints as meaning place.


November 2017 "place" is accepted.


I don't know but I think it's a natural sentence in English too. "Sted" can also mean "place" but google translator also says that "place" can be "plass".

  • And here the second definition says that "sted" is a synonym of "plass":


  • In the definition of "plass", "sted" also shows up as a synonym:



I think the reason for this might be that "plass" in this case is meant in an abstract way - it's not that there is no actual space (because the parliament is too small or there aren't enough seats), it's that they aren't welcome. However i don't think that "place" would be wrong but more of a colloquial expression.


Yes, in American English, place in this sentence would also be used in an abstract instead of literal way as well.


I agree. In American English, at least, I think you'd hear 'there is no place for' just as often if not more than 'there is no room for'.


Jeg ønsker det vart sannt på Brasil...


"Jeg ønsker at det var sant i Brasil", tror jeg. :)

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    I don't know why your comment has a downvote either. I'll give you a lingto cause you shouldn't have been downvoted.


    And yet "Fremskrittspartiet" is part of the governing coalition. That's OK, living in the US I have absolutely zero right to judge.


    Are they really extreme?


    They've been described as Europe's most moderate populist party. I guess extremism is in the eye of the beholder.


    Audio: The pronounciation of "vårt" is straight: The phonetical spelling is: vort, with an o like the o in love.

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