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"Neden benim bir sağlık sigortam yok?"

Translation:Why do I not have health insurance?

June 17, 2015



i wrote "why don't i have a health insurance", since there was "bir" in the original sentence. what did i do wrong?


It's a strange thing about English: we never use "an" or "a" with insurance. We do use "the" if it's a specific noun ("I have the insurance that my company offers"), but if it's a general one, we don't use an article. We just say "I have auto insurance" or "I don't have health insurance" or whatever.

(I guess it's that we consider insurance uncountable. I have water, I have bread, I have insurance...)


Does sigorta mean something more along the lines of "insurance policy", if it can be used with bir?


I wrote " why don't I " and it was corrected to 'why do I not". Can somebody please tell me what is the difference?


Your suggestion is colloquial and should have been accepted.


I wrote a health insurance and it was wrong. I am not a native English speaker but it dounds weird to me.

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