"She is ill."

अनुवाद:यह बीमार है।

June 17, 2015

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Does she also means यह? Still it looks right to me as there is no pronoun for feminine third person in english except 'she'. But we can say यह or वह for a lady.


Hi, As an interesting fact all Pronouns in Hindi are 'Gender-Neutral'. That is same pronoun used for masculine and feminine things.
And There are two pronoun for third person:
1) Third person singular (near):यह 1) Third person singular (far): वह .

So, 'यह' can be 'He, She, It, This' and 'वह' can be 'He,She, It, That' depending upon context.


we use यह for something to near us and वह for something far from us.no matter this is he,she,it ,this or that

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