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Do names take the case endings too?

[deactivated user]
    June 17, 2015



    They do, but not all of them. All Ukrainian (and by Ukrainian I mean names that are common in Ukraine, not necessarily of Ukrainian origin or, for example, a Ukrainian form of some international name) given names decline. Foreign given names decline when:

    • if it's masculine, than when it ends in a consonant: Пітер - у Пітера, Тоні - у Тоні (Compare: Петро - у Петра)
    • if it's feminine, when it ends in а or я: Моніка - у Моніки, Софі - у Софі, Рейчел - у Рейчел (compare: Любов - у Любові)

    [deactivated user]

      Дякую! I was wondering if my own name would decline but I guess not, lol.

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