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  5. "İstanbul changed a lot."

"İstanbul changed a lot."

Translation:İstanbul çok değişti.

June 17, 2015



Is it wrong to say "İstanbul çok değişmiş" in this case?



Your Turkish question is correct my friend. Grammar & meaning very clear. A like ^ & lingot from me. It's worth waiting two years for someone to notice a very good topic comment.

Appropriate to the topic too.

Kind regards.

I think this was a posthumous comment as in non active learner.


Would İstanbul çok değiştirdi mean that Istanbul has been changed a lot?


No, it would mean: Istanbul has changed it a lot.

You're just not saying the "it". But the verb is now transitive, so we understand that Istanbul has changed something.


Ideally, I'd get it if you provided the said text in Turkish i.e. what is the Turkish for "Istanbul has been changed a lot". (i.e. passive)


The passive suffix is -il. But you need the verb in transitive form, so you also add the -dir: İstanbul çok değiştirildi.


Thinking further, might this be the correct version? İstanbul'u çok değiştirildi/miş.


no that makes no sense. in "istanbul çok değiştirildi" istanbul is the subject


No, that would be exactly like saying: "It was changed Istanbul a lot." i.e.; ungrammatical. "değiştirilmek" is in the passive voice, which means Istanbul is tge subject now: (Istanbul was changed). You can't add the accusative suffix anymore. It can't both be the subject and the object at the same time. Passive verbs can't have objects.


Haha. True. Wow how confusing did I try to make it!


"Istanbul changed a lot." Translation: İstanbul çok değişti.

The English capital "I" upper case does not have a dot like the Turkish "İ" does.

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