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change time zone

hi guys i just moved from east coast to west coast but the time zone remains unchanged on duolingo (i changed where i locate but it didnt influence anything). anyone know how to change it?


June 17, 2015



It cannot be changed...


doesnt make sense, is that confirmed officially?


Absolutely. For whatever silly reason, the time zone you sign up in is the time zone that you have forever. Even if you move half the world (12 timezones) away. Maybe eventually they will figure out how to change this, but for now whatever timezone you signed up as you get to keep.


Are you sure? I signed up in a different time zone from my cousin, then moved to the same time zone as him, and our days end at the same time (midnight where I am now). I seem to remember my streak ending at midnight there, too, though I'm not sure I really payed that much attention. Incidentally, I never listed my location with Duolingo at all. I had assumed Duolingo used your IP address to figure out when to have your streak end, but really I have no idea . . .


I live in France and get reminders on French time, but my location is and always was set to Jakarta! I don't even know where that is... It's infuriating losing long streaks because I have to do duo before I get home from work.


P.S. I emailed support about it about 6 months ago and never heard back.


Let us know whether you manage to fix your timezone somehow


Yesterday I flew to the USA from Italy where I live a 6 hour time difference. When I logged onto Duolingo I could see by the number of hours left that it was still in the Italian time zone. Then i went into settings on my computer and changed the time to USA Eastern Standard time, and immediately Duolingo adjusted to my new time zone, so that my Duolingo "day" will end at midnight EST instead of at midnight in Italy.

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