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"My mother puts a coat around me."

Translation:Cuireann mo mháthair cóta umam.

June 17, 2015



Should be uaim not umam?


It shows umam for me. Though it's not really used in any dialects.


I've always found "um" and its derivatives to be found very commonly in official documents and specifically in the names of important agencies in Ireland - for example, the Child and Family Agency is "An Ghníomhaireacht um Leanaí agus an Teaghlach"! :)


Yes, but that doesn't mean it's used in native speech.


I never said it was :)


so how would you say this sentence in native dialect without using "umam"?


As mentioned, Munster Irish does use it. But otherwise, you'd say thart orm.


Do you mean "um" in general is never used or just in this way with "cuir"? Oddly I don't believe I've ever seen "umam" on Duo before. I did find reference to the "cuir um" construction on teanglann.ie as well as a few other verb constructions using it. But if this isn't typically used what would native speakers say alternatively? I thought perhaps to simply use "on me", instead of the literal "around me" would be more natural, but thats just my personal preference.


um in general isn't used outside of Munster Irish.

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