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  5. "Les femmes sont des filles."


"Les femmes sont des filles."

December 28, 2012



It didn't like "the women are prostitutes"...


Ha I just saw that. lol


:D Saw that in the hints... very funny.


what does this mean?


It doesn't make sense - The women are girls. It's one of those sentences that is difficult to decipher out of context as it is something that wouldn't generally be said, and generally not used as a sentence on its own.


The examples are there to teach you about sentence structure and grammar, not to provoke discussion on a what a woman or man, can or can't be. If it doesn't "make sense" it's because you are not understanding the point of the exorcise/website.


I'd say "Women are girls" is nonsensical in English. "Woman" and "girl" both refer to different age groups - "apples are oranges" might be grammatically correct but it's not an intuitive sentence.


You can say that they are one in the same due to sex, and calling a woman a girl in English isn't wrong, more so "less appropriate" socially. In fact I'd say that young adults refer to the opposite sex as "boys" or "girls" despite technically and legally being "men" or "women".


I agree that people over the age of 18 are often called girls or boys, but a more correct sentence would be "the females are girls". It may be that there is no age-neutral gender marker in French, but in conversational English you wouldn't generally mix terms in a single sentence as it is confusing.

Of course this could be a limitation of the simple sentences constructed by Duolingo, I just wanted to point out that I found it a little confusing as the sentence translation doesn't mean anything in the same way "the boy drinks water" does.


I suppose it's just one of those "here are words now translate them" type of exercises. Temporary of course. We'll advance to the real stuff soon enough :D


Clearly you have never seen Girls Gone Wild or Heard of Girls Night Out?


It doesn't matter if this doesn't make sense in English, it does in French which is the language you are learning now. In any case think about this as something that you just have to get wrong the first time you try it. Languages are different like this as each portray reality in a different way.


The point is it COULD make sense in English if translated properly, to something like "the females are girls", as mentioned above. So in that sense, it DOES matter that it doesn't make sense in English, because it is confusing to the learner when it doesn't have to be.


But saying "the females are girls" is (correct me if I'm wrong) les females sont filles which is different


It accepted my "The women are daughters" as a correct answer, I think it makes more sense then "Women are girls".


It sounded a lot like femme (not plural) to me..


there is no difference phonetically... you have to go by the les ("lay") as opposed to le ("euh"(punched in gut sound))


another stupid sentence


I took it as a saying, like if the women are acting like girls or vice versa for men. (In frustration..."Men are boys")


I translated as "the women are prostitutes", but this was incorrect. Can someone explain why "des filles" is translated as girls instead of prostitutes. Thank you!


The women are girls... Ok...


I'm having trouble with the voice recognition on this one.


why is "Les femmes sont les filles" wrong ?


Because she says "des" not "les". What you said would be "The women are THE girls" But what she said is "The women are girls" or "Women are girls"


I am having trouble understanding whether its femmes or filles since both are pronounced the same way. can some one please tell me how to know if its a singular or plural?


I think both sound the same. You have to go by the sound of "Les" vs "Le" or the verb.

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