"What do the whales eat?"

Translation:Hvad spiser hvalerne?

June 17, 2015

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... is the title of Ylvis b-side song.


So how would I write in Danish 'What eats the whales?'


I'm not a native Danish speaker and I certainly do not know the language well enough to answer your question. But I do believe that vagueness and ambiguity are part of all languages. So I wouldn't be entirely surprised if the answer to your question was "Hvad spiser hvalerne?"

Of course, as with any potential ambiguous utterance, you may, as a listener, have to ask for clarification. Or as a speaker you may clarify what you are saying by giving more information to the listener (e.g. "Hvad dyr spiser hvalerne?" ("What animals are eating the whales?"


Unamigously, you could say something like "Hvad er det, der spiser hvalerne?" or "Hvilket dyr er det, der spiser hvalerne?".


Can this also mean What eats the whales?


Yes, actually it can. But probably wouldn't be understood that way out of a specific context.




Actually it’s spelt plankton. And while most whales eat krill and not plankton, not all do. Orcas eat meat, seals for example.


On the last one, I had the pet drinks the juice, and was marked wrong.


Non-related to the topic discussed earlier, I wrote "hvalene" instead of "hvalerne" as it said in the suggestion and the answer was accepted without indicating a typo. Which one was the correct form? I have noticed some nouns have the "r" in the plural articulated form, while others do not have it, that is why I am asking which form was correct here.


The correct form in Danish is hvalerne. The form hvalene is Norwegian Bokmål.


Thank you for your reply! So sorry I didn't see it so far because it was the first time I had asked a question and I usually use my phone, so there was no notification of a reply anywhere. Anyway, thank you for helping me understand. I will only use "hvalerne" for Danish :)


Det var så lidt, Sandra!

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