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Where goeth the streak?

Question.... I try diligently to work a bit every day on Duolingo and enjoy seeing my streak continue and it's definitely a motivator for me. Lately however, even though I know I've not missed a day, I keep losing my streak, going back to one or two days.

Does it matter what device you use to access the site in order to keep the streak going? Sometimes I'm on the laptop, other times the phone or iPad.

Anyone else having this issue?

October 6, 2013



Same thing happened to me today. I always practice using the web version.


I lost my streak by changing languages :-(


This happened to me today - I had a six day streak and had put in at least 60 xp today, but all of a sudden I went from 6 day streak at 8:30 pm to 1 day streak at 9:10 pm. Definitely a glitch, pretty frustrating.

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