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API to export vocabulary

I use the Flashcards Deluxe app on my phone to study vocabulary for the languages I'm learning. I'd love to write some software to export my Duolingo words to that app.

I can write a screen-scraper to download the words from http://duolingo.com/#/vocab but it would be much nicer to have an official API instead. Would you consider building one?

December 28, 2012



I've started writing a Ruby script to get vocabulary. It currently just prints out to the terminal, but at least it's a step in the right direction. :)



What other pages does duolingo provide similar to duolingo.com/words? I'd like to get information other than the vocabulary, such as languages being learned.


Thank you for that! Long days I had been thinking how to make a script to check if I've been practicing today. But you made that possible! :)


I would really like to see some kind of basic API as well. It might contribute to the whole gamification of things too (I'm talking widgets, scoreboards, etc)


Did that vocab page disappear, because I too would love to be putting words into flashcards, even if it's by hand.


I've been looking for it the past couple of days and found nothing about it, I hope it's something about the design update and soon we can have that feature back.

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