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"Vi har besluttet os mandag."

Translation:We will have decided by Monday.

June 17, 2015



Im danish and this is wrong... We will have decided by monday is translated to vi vil have besluttet os inden mandag


I'm doing general practice and this came up. I translated it as We have decided on Monday. which was marked incorrect and only future versions are shown as acceptable. I don't see any way to be sure that this sentence talks about future and not past without context.

[deactivated user]

    The sentence can only be in the future because "på mandag" means "on next Monday". Had they decided the previous Monday, the sentence would have been: "Vi har besluttet os i mandags." (although the simple past works better here)

    If you mean to say that they have chosen Monday for something ("Have you decided to go and see Jurassic World on Monday or Tuesday?" "We have decided on Monday"), it would be: "Vi har besluttet os for mandag." (or "Vi har besluttet os (for) at gøre det mandag")


    Thank you for the explanation. I think I haven't come across a specification of time similar to i mandags in the course so I assumed på mandag can be used both ways. Is the structure (i [...]s) same with other time specifications (other days of the week or months)?

    [deactivated user]

      Yes, although only some have the -s.

      • i tirsdags (all weekdays

      • i morges

      • i formiddags

      • i eftermiddags

      • i aftes

      • i nat (last night)

      • i går (yesterday)

      • i november (all months are without -s)

      • i sommer(s) (optional for all seasons, but many people see the version with -s as incorrect)

      [deactivated user]

        I am aware the course does not care too much about accuracy but in this case, "på" is translated as "by" whereas it should mean "on" (hover over). Far from semantics, in many corporate and other contexts, this would be a vital and potentially costly difference. Any pointers? Also, why has this not been voted down over the past 3 (!) years - in the complete absence of [MOD]s this is the only mechanism to get corrections embedded.

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