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"Hvordan går det med helsen din?"

Translation:How is your health?

June 17, 2015



I got "helsen" mixed up with "halsen" and I thought this sentence was "How is it going with your neck?"


Is it also possible to use this sort of construction when asking people how they are? Can you say "Hvordan går det med deg?"


You can use "Hvordan går det med deg" to mean "Hvordan går det med helsen din", given the right context. But this is a question you would ask to a person with health issues.


Ah, okay! Tusen takk! :D


"Hvordan går det med deg?" is an important Norwegian sentence. If you go to Norway and you meet somebody in a party, the next time you see the same guy and you say: "Hei, hvordan går det med deg?" he will invite you to his home immediately. I would!!


Flott... Hva med dere?

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