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"Har du brug for en ambulance?"

Translation:Do you need an ambulance?

June 17, 2015



Is there any difference between har du brug and behøver du? Duo accepts both as correct, but I'm curious. The first one sounds to me like a more polite and probably less appropriate in this situation.

[deactivated user]

    "Har du brug for ...." is the most informal way of saying it. Actually, I think "Behøver du en ambulance?" is closer to "Do you really need an ambulance?"/"Are you sure you need an ambulance?"


    It said that "Do you have need for an ambulance?" is wrong. Is there any reason why that would be the case?


    I got it wrong, I typed "Har du brug for et ambulance" and it told me that it was wrong because I typed in English not Danish?


    Well, I am not sure about the wrong reasoning for the error, but I think the particle is supposed to be "en."


    Nah bro it's just a heart attack


    Then you would really need an ambulance though

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