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4chan like esperanto imageboard

although some nasty stuff is bound to come out of the existance of anonymous nsfw image boards, it is also very good to improve language skills as the discussions are very fast and up to date

I would like to recommend one that I found, hope you like it


June 17, 2015



I don't know if this is amazing and I should thank you... or if this is terrifying and I should curse the day I found this. Haha


Definitely a mixed blessing, but an educational one. Some anti-Esperanto conversation there made me wonder if "malamistoj malamos" would be a good translation for the "haters gonna hate" meme.


I would say malamantoj malamos but same thing basically


an interesting place but not for everyone


se vi havas iom da libera tempo, bonvole sendi la tradukton de io

[deactivated user]

    Mi vomis iomete, kiam mi vidis la Pepe. Ne dankon.

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