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one point for taking a lessoon?

should not i get one point just for taking a lesson? i practiced some new things for 15 mins, i didnt complete any lesson, and that was all for this day. and the next day i realize i lost my streak (wager). dammmmn.

October 6, 2013



The easiest way to extend a streak is to take the timed practice, you're done for the day if you get at least one correct answer.


The simplest way would be: awarding one point, the first time logged on in Duolingo on that day, or after the first lesson or other exercise is ended without points. If one wants to extend his streak now quickly, he repeat a word for 2 points or takes a basic lesson en gets 14 points and a lingot.


You have to complete a lesson or a word practice to get points.
What you can do if you don't have time is going to Vocab, picking a word that doesn't have many forms (sub-words) and practice this individually. If you pick a word with only one form you'll get only two sentences and will be rewarded one point (even if you only get one right).

That's what I do most of the times if I'm not sure I'll have enough time later in the day. Just login, do your one point and you can be save for that day.


i know all the ways to hack duo ;) but what i suggest is to consider is it worth to award someone just for trying.

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