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"I have already produced nine films."

Translation:Eu já produzi nove filmes.

October 6, 2013



Tenho producido ? The text is present perfect ? Is there someth. Special for prozudir or when do we have to take it for simple present tense ?


The Brazilian "present perfect" isn't used the same way as the English present perfect. In most cases, the English present perfect is translated by the pretérito perfeito. Going the other direction, the pretérito perfeito can be translated either by the English simple past OR by the present perfect (see this thread: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/1483888/Portuguese-tenses-what-do-they-mean)


"eu produzi já nove filmes" - would this word order be wrong?


it sounds awkward, but you may here it at times :S


Then I'll stick with the option that was given by the tool, thanks for clarifying.


In Engligh, the word "already" is always placed before the verb? What's the rule?

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