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Problem with pictures

I'm losing hearts because of the pictures, since they do not ask for the article in front of the word.

Example: "Garden" Correct answer: "En hage"

while I feel that my answer "Hagen" is just as correct.

In the italian course (and others) we have to choose between articles to make it clear that you have to include them, maybe the norwegian course should do the same?

June 17, 2015



Are you sure that it didn't say 'a garden'? The correct translation for 'garden' would be just 'hage', but that's not what the exercise should be asking for regardless.

This is what we have on our end:

incubator view of the exercise


Not definitely certain. (It was the layout with three pictures and the line where you write, not the word with three different pictures to choose from). I might have read it a bit too fast for my own good :P

The article options (like in italian) would be nice anyway if that design is still being used.


Hehe, I know I do at times! When I'm not busy typing too fast for my own good instead... ;)

I believe those exercises should still display the article, at least the ones I'm shown do. However if you do run across bugs with the image exercises in the future, screenshotting them would be a big help to us.


The article options (like in italian) would be nice anyway if that design is still being used.

Italian and Norwegian courses have not been constructed on the same system (in the incubator): the former has been on an older system and the later a newer system. That's why one has such type of exercises (by the way, you don't need to select the article, you can just type it) and the other one doesn't.

[deactivated user]

    Hagen = The garden | En hage = A garden | Garden (alone) = Hage

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