Someone? Vill någon infödd svensk öva?

I was wonering if I can find a native swede who would be so nice and open and willing to chat with language practicing purpose, either swedish and english. So it would be good to gather you all who want to develope and make coversation in the two language :)

June 17, 2015


You can find a pal here There are guys ready to prata på svenska just for fun. Actually I also wanted to find someone to talk in swedish in skype but it seems I am too introverted for this :-/

June 18, 2015

Oh, I can totally understand you, but I think you just should find someone with whom you can talk freely, you know what I mean? Don't be shy :)

June 18, 2015

I hope once I will do this =)

June 18, 2015

I can totally relate to that, being introverted has its clear downsides on verbal development. We Swedes are eager to share our language however (in my experience,) even though as a people we are a bit introverted ourselves! :)

June 18, 2015

Swedes are cool =)

June 19, 2015

Hello, I am a native Swede but I'm not the most "talky" person out there. But I am decent at English and I love languages (especially German because that's the language that I'm learning at the moment).

You don't happen to speak German? That would be great because we could both practice the language that we study!

Either way, I can definitely try help you if you have any question about a Swedish word or some grammar.

June 19, 2015

I would love to do that! I am Swedish and I was taught the language since I was young, but I grew up in Copenhagen, Danmark, so I'm a little out of practice. So this would actually help me too :)

June 25, 2015

I have to admit that I'm not on a conversational level yet, but I like the idea! :D

June 27, 2015
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