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  5. "Hvilke sko har han på seg?"

"Hvilke sko har han seg?"

Translation:Which shoes is he wearing?

June 17, 2015



Why is 'Which shoe is he wearing?' incorrect?


Because that'd be: Hvilken sko...

hvilke is the plural form, hence you know that sko is plural, too.


Shoes is?

I put in "which shoes are he wearing" which also sounds odd, but since "shoes" is a plural, shouldn't it be "shoes are"? Or is this an english oddity that I'm thinking too much about? Like, "those shoes are awesome" is right, and "which shoes are you wearing" is right. I just feel like "shoes is" shouldn't be a thing.

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It's "he" who is doing the action here, and not the shoes, so that's why the verb needs to agree with the singular "he" rather than with the plural shoes.


This sounds weird to my English-speaking ears, too. I think it has to do with the inverted word order that puts shoes in the position of the subject, since "He is wearing which shoes?" sounds perfectly normal.


Back at it again with the white vans


I understand that ...shoes is... is grammatically correct here, but most English would avoid saying it.


lots of people here complaining about their use of 'is' vs. 'are' being marked wrong. i dont think it's fair to deny either since they are both equally unnatural ways of saying, "which shoes does he have on," which i believe to be the most proper way to express this question in english.


A way round the odd sound of "Which shoes is he wearing?" is to say instead: "Which pair of shoes is he wearing?"

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