"É uma menina."

12/28/2012, 5:27:03 AM


She is a girl is also correct. There is no he/she/it always get the "e".

12/29/2012, 1:50:38 AM
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Ok, I'm a native speaker, born and raised in Brazil and i couldn't begin to figure a=out what she was trying to say... besides, nobody never says something like "Eu gosto de bife com massa" around here, we usually call it a macarrão (a less generic term).

2/1/2013, 3:49:30 AM

i see the one time it would make sense to use "e uma menina" is after an ultrasound or birth.

3/10/2013, 5:34:44 AM

even the example translation for "ê" says "she is" was correct. confusing.

3/18/2013, 2:56:49 PM

I am Brazilian and this phrase sounds like "And a girl". Crazy thing!

5/20/2013, 6:49:46 PM

I agree. It was pronounced "E" without the accent--"and a girl" would be the proper translation (of an incomplete sentence)

6/13/2013, 10:45:30 PM
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