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Google Login on iOS

I love this app and I love my iPad - unfortunately I signed up for Duolingo on my Android phone with Google+ Login, but there's no option for that on my iPad! I can't continue with my progress now and I was just wondering if there was any workaround, or if Google+ Login will be soon available on iOS? Thanks!!

October 6, 2013



I have the same problem! I created my account through my Google account this year (in 2020). There's still no login through Google on the app.


We're planning to add google+ login soon to iOS, but don't have a specific date yet. In the meantime, you'll have to go to the website (here) and reset your password. Then you can login into iOS with your email address and new password. Hope this helps!


Hi, I'm having same issue...but since my account was created with Google+, it doesn't have a password (yes, I tried my G+ password, that didn't work). So I can't reset password to open in iOS

Is there a work around for this?


I found a workaround - reset your Duolingo password here - https://www.duolingo.com/forgot_password . . . .then login with your email and new pw instead of Google SSO.

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