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"Eu volto ao Brasil sabendo que dei o meu máximo aqui."

Translation:I return to Brazil knowing that I gave my best here.

October 6, 2013



I return to Brazil knowing that I gave my utmost here (this is correct, but I can't imagine using this phrase) I might say "I returned to Brazil, knowing that I gave my utmost here" The "correct" response might be said, as I stand in the airport terminal, but very strange.


To my mind, “I am returning to Brazil......” sounds a bit more natural but, for no good reason, is rejected by DL.


"that I gave my all here" sounds terribly wrong to me


It is correct English to say you "gave your all."


When I hear someone gave his all, I assume it means he died.


My ears noticed Brazilians don't have an "x" sound (unless is a region thing) unlike their Spanish speaking neighbors.


"Gave my best effort" should be accepted, no?

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