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"Una mucca è un animale utile."

Translation:A cow is a useful animal.

October 6, 2013



Shouldn't be the translation for this sentence "A cow is an useful animal"? It says "A cow is a useful animal". Sorry, I speak Spanish, that's why I'm asking this.


So if the vowel (such as a, e, i, o, u) sounds like 'eu' (e.g. Europe, useful, university etc.) or 'wa' (e.g. one) - they are considered as consonants (such as b, c, d, m, n etc.). So you out 'a' before them - instead of 'an'.

On the other hand, there are few words that start with consonants but sound to start with vowels. So you put 'an' before them. Example: An hour, an honest man etc.

Yeah, these are just exceptions that need to be remembered. :(


Really good to know that, I've been studying english for a long time and never heard of this before. Thanks! ;)


As an English teacher and native speaker, I will say, it is the rule, not the exception. A vowel sound will always be preceded by "an", as with the examples above. A consonant sound will always be preceded by "a".


As a non english speaker I totally agree with you; minor mistakes in english should be accepted, as in "you have a typo"...


That is often the case. not super consistent, though. I see a lot of " you are almost correct when I typo while using my phone but i still get passing credit for it.


"I wear a uniform as a university janitor ".. try saying saying that . Now try changing the "a" for an "an" and repeat the sentence. ...you'll see that the "a" is correct. Why ? Because words such as uniform , university, united, union ....are pronunced as if they begin with a " yoo " sound. unlike , unlikely! An unlikely story but a unique one !


The audio for utile is impossible to hear properly on my computer


I have similar problem on my phone. It sounds a bit garbled and staccato


Si, Io vivo per formaggio, carne, e burra


Especially in the city


"Utile" can also mean "necessary"


Despite this sentence being perfectly correct and sensible, I am just pointing out that, in English, "cows are useful animals" would always be used instead of this.


For some reason, Duolingo believes that sentences like this one are very useful (No pun intended). Why not give us examples of more complex sentences, that might, I am resigned to say, include even stories like "He throws a knife )", or "there is a snake in his bed", or " that nasty man in a tub"? The repetitiveness of these simple isolated but nothing to teach you phrases only slows down the progress and delays the entire course of teaching.

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