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"Tudo isso é fruto do meu trabalho."

Translation:All that is fruit of my work.

October 6, 2013



The english equivalent is "fruit of my labours" and "labour" can be either singular or plural.


"All that is fruit of my work." This is grammatically incorrect in English. The indefinite article "a" is required here, since I don't see anything requiring a definite article. Reported.


Bad English. We say "the fruit" or "the fruits" or rarely "a fruit". As BonecoBiru says, the idiom is "the fruits (fruit) of my labour(s). Also, we would say "All of that" to avoid confusion with the subordinate clause "[All], that is the fruit of my labour" meaning '"all the thing which is the fruit of my labour'.


why cannot all be replaced with everything?


If you want to use "everything" you need to specify the scope. Saying "everything that is fruit of my work" does not make sense by itself. You need to say something like "everything that you see is fruit of my work."


Would you say this without the definite article in Portuguese?


"de meu trabalho" is also right.


If fruto can mean "result", as CrisBoc wrote, how about, "All this is the result of my work"?

EDIT: It did accept, "All that is the result of my work," but I'm accustomed to isso being used to mean "that", "this", "it", and maybe a couple of other things.
Timor mortis conturbat me.


Please change the English sentence to the "the fruit of my labor/labour" like all the comments suggest!

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