"Seu carro precisa de uma revisão."

Translation:Your car needs maintenance.

October 6, 2013

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it should be check, not cheque and revision should be acceptable


I was marked wrong for putting 'duma' when its a structure which I got taught very early on in Portuguese?


"Duma" is not wrong per se, but it (de + indefinite article) probably the least common of all contractions (even in EP).

That said, please report any sentence where it is not allowed as an answer. Good luck with your studies :)

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What does " revisão" mean here exactly? Is this just some "check-up" (some control) or this is serious and means some "repair"?

"Revisão" is used in the following sentence just as some control, review:

Um contabilista fez uma revisão das contas. An accountant carried out a review of the accounts.

However, here the translation is "maintenance" so this is not just "control" but making some serious works on the car.

Addtionally, in previous lessons "maintenance" has been translated as "manutenção", "conservação".

I wonder if anyone could put more light on that.


My Portuguese dictionary gives inspeção períodica as the automotive use of revisão


But "revisão" is also used in this context =)


If it is a periodic inspection the word 'service' would be the normal term.


Is this the same as tune-up? Maintenance and inspections are different things so this is confusing.

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