"My students are at the university now."

Translation:Мої студенти зараз в університеті.

June 18, 2015



I used the sentence "Мої студенти в університеті тепер." and was marked wrong. I was told that тепер is synonymous with зараз. Or does тепер convey a differing sense of the word "now"?

June 18, 2015


тепер and зараз are nearly synonyms, and some people use them as synonyms in colloquial speech but really they have a slight difference in meaning. зараз is now, at the moment of speaking (зараз я їм хліб, i am eating bread now (speaking and eating), here зараз is a contextual marker of a continious tense. тепер is rather like "nowadays" - цією вулицею тепер не ходять люди, а колись ходили- people don't go along this street nowadays, but they used to go sometime

June 18, 2015


When do you use на and when do you use в?

June 20, 2019


Why I can't use "у" here?

August 15, 2019
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