"O advogado falou sobre o desaparecimento de documentos."

Translation:The lawyer spoke about the disappearance of documents.

October 6, 2013

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the documents should be acceptable


That would be "dos" (de + os).

Using "de documentos" is about some documents disappearing here and there (it's a general statement)

Using "dos documentos" is about those specific documents that disappeared.


2019-09-05 The male voice pronounces advogado as "adji-vogado". I had read in a lower-level discussion that D and T were only fricative when in the last syllable of a word (including one-syllable words like de). Is that pronunciation correct? Is it a regional accent?


Probably, throughout Brazil you'll hear "a - gee - vo - ga - doo".


There are two phonological processed going on in this example. The first is that Portuguese-speakers don't like to end a syllable with a consonant sound or to have two consonants together like the 'd' and the 'v' in 'advogado.' Generally they will insert an 'i' (/ee/ sound in English) in between the two consonants. For example 'obter' is pronounced 'o-bee-ter.'

Now the second thing that happens is a 'd' or a 't' followed by an 'ee' sound will often become palatized to /ʤ/ (English 'j') and /ʧ/ (English 'ch') sounds, respectfully. Technically these two sounds are not classified as fricatives but are known as affricates.

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This should be accepted: "The lawyer talked about the disappearence of the documents", but it's not. 01.05.2019


I made the same mistake. Someone above mentioned why "the documents" would be incorrect.


yes it should be. Actually sounds much better in English than "spoke about".


documents' disappearance is grammatically correct. Same as saying, if it were 1 document-- document's disappearance

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