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Recording buggy again

I've reported problems with recording in the past, where after finishing a recording it just returns to the record button and doesn't mark the answer. The only way to progress is to skip the question, but by this point you've wasted a lot of time.

This problem seemed to have been fixed, but since the site refresh and the new type of audio question (translate on the fly), it seems to have returned. I am specifically encountering it during the new type of question.

Anyone else having this?

October 6, 2013



This should now be fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience, and let us know if you have more problems.


Afraid I'm still having this problem on Chrome/Mac.


Luis, the problem is back. There are several replies on this page more recent than yours.


Yay, thank you :) It's so nice having an open and available staff who actually listens to us :)


Still seeing it on Mac Safari "Das Kind ist nicht genau" in German. (Worked on a couple earlier recordings, though.) Also, after recording is processed, enter is not correctly accepted, but instead the check button must be clicked


I think the problem is back


I am in the Spanish version and the listen and type is not working. I am typing in the correct answer, but it is saying I am wrong and giving the correct answer identical to what I typed. I cannot advance to the next lesson because of this.


Still got mic probs. In skype it works good, why it doesn't work here?


I´ve been having the same problem since I started duolingo, I submit my recording and it just sits their with nothing happening. Is there something I can do to resolve this issue?

On windows 7 64bit with chrome.


I'm experiencing a similar problem when having to translate from English to the target language in audio. The page just freezes and never marks my answer after I hit record. If I encounter two consecutive questions like this and the first one happens to work, the second one won't even let me record.


I had the same problem last night- I was thinking that perhaps my home connection was bad but I am beginning to realize that it's an intermittent bug.


Yup, I'm having this issue too.
Those are my favorite questions and it's frustrating when I have to turn off the mic to finish a lesson without losing my progress.


Yes, me too. Refreshing the page restarts the lesson - very frustrating.


I'm seeing it in Chrome and Safari on a Mac. It's annoying because it takes a heart away to skip it.


I'm having the same issue on Chrome (windows 7). My mic works fine on Skype so I don't think the mic is the issue. It's a shame because I really like the speaking practice, but it almost always makes me lose 1 or 2 hearts because I have to skip!


It doesn't matter what I say, it marks the recording as correct.


This is the problem I'm having. I've been WAY off lots of times and it just accepts the answer anyway.


This just happened to me using chrome. I guess it's broken again... I'm using Chrome and Fedora 17.


Yes, happening frequently for me this week.


This has been happening to me for some time, regardless of which language I am working in at the time. I use the most current version of Chrome, have no extensions installed and have the latest version of Flash installed as well. It seems that for each block of exercises, there are one to two recording tasks that experience this exact issue; I wait for the icon in the tab to stop flashing, I click the record button, say my answer, click stop, and the browser just sits. I've waited for more than a minute on occasions without result.

Most recording exercises work, but an inconsistent minority of them do not. As already mentioned, the task has to be skipped, a heart is lost, and at times it is the last heart that is the one to be taken. Very frustrating!


It seems to be back with a vengeance. I have noticed that if you click 'Don't use microphone' (not sure the exact label), you don't lose a life and the total number of questions is now reduced. This means it's not any harder to complete than it would have been. It's still annoying having to turn the mic back on every time.


It seems to be a problem with Adobe Flash in the Chrome browser. I switched to Internet Explorer for duo and it seems to have fixed the problem.


i am trying to click the mic but it is not doing enything


I can not get any of the speech check lessons to work on my Iphone 10.


yes I'm having same problem with chrome /windows 10. Woks with skype but not duo


Seeing it here too, Mac Firefox.


I'm having this issue in Chrome on Windows 7.


I'm Chrome and Mac, so it looks like this is not platform specific.


Yep, here as well. Chrome on Ubuntu 12.04. Exactly as you describe: no reaction whatsoever during on the fly, but flawless processing when I just have to speak a spanish sentence.


Yes, I have had it snap back after speaking very slowly and loudly, but that doesn't always work.


Chrome on a Mac. Had this problem several times in the last couple of days so I'm just not using the microphone any more.


Still got mic probs. In skype it works good, why it doesn't work here? NERABOTAET MIKROFON , please help me :(

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