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"The boy's enemy is the girl's friend."

Translation:Guttens fiende er jentas venn.

June 18, 2015



I got it wrong for saying "fienden guttens er vennen jentas." Is there a reason why you have to use "fienden TIL gutten" here? At first I thought it was a rule for talking about people, but I'm pretty sure I've used "moren min" without issue...


min is a possessive pronoun and can stand before or after a noun (which is then either indefinite in the first case or definite in the second).

Ex.: min far = faren min

guttens is the genitive case of the definite form of en gutt (= so-called s-genitive), not a pronoun. Hence you need to treat it differently. It has to be before the object that belongs to it.

fienden til gutten is another way to express belongings, the prepositional genitive, which you know from English as well ("the enemy of the boy"). Here, the genitive construct (preposition + noun) needs to follow after the object that belongs to it.


Vennine is the same as friend though, and I got it wrong.

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