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  5. Streak freeze didn't work :'(


Streak freeze didn't work :'(

I had a 48 day streak and was excited to be so close to 50, but knew that I wouldn't have access to my computer the next day, so I bought a Streak Freeze from the store, and it said it had been applied (equipped?) but when I checked today, the day after I didn't have internet access, my streak was at zero! What happened?? Every time I've come close to reaching 50 days, something happens and I never make it!

October 6, 2013



Your streams show that it was 5 days ago before todays activity that you scored points. So if that is wrong then I say something else besides the streak freeze must have gone wrong.


It was 5 days ago that I did a new lesson, but since then I had been practicing what I'd already learnt using the Strengthen your words thing. My weekly progress says I practiced everyday except Saturday, and I got the Streak freeze late on Friday night.

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