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Voice excercises not recorded on Ipad(2)

Doesn't voice exercises work on Ipad in the IOS 7 version of the app? and if not wouldn't it be more important to work on fixing that instead of working on a version that looks like IOS 7?

My main priority is to learn to speak the words correctly and the second priority is to write them correctly. But maybe that isn't Duolingos priority since you want us to translate text for you also.

Other than this I can only say that all the other exercises and features of this app are fantastic. Why didn't you exist when I had to learn German when I was little :-)

October 6, 2013



This has been fixed! Please let us know if you experience anything out of the ordinary again. Sorr about that!


I'm sorry too :-) I'm not really convinced. I'm Danish and often I tend to say things in french the wrong way(also deliberately to test it) - and Duolingo rarely notices it. This doesn't mean that it never corrects me. It does that, but many times actually when I'm pretty sure I said it right. I use it everyday. So I am very often annoyed by this. It would be easier to recommend it to others if I didn't have to mention every time that it has this bug for Ipad. Because other than that Duolingo is perfect for learning.

I've tested how my Ipad records in Garage band and it does that perfectly. So I don't think there is anything wrong with my microphone and as said it seems like Duolingo actually detects my voice because the voice meter reacts every time I get to a voice exercise. It just doesn't analyze very well what it detects.

I can record a youtube video for you to show you what's the deal.

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