"We are good people."

Translation:Nós somos boas pessoas.

October 6, 2013

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Why can't I say gente boa instead of boas pessoas?


gente boa is used as an expression meaning "what's brow?" (e aí, gente boa?) bit it would sound awkward in this type of sentence because "nós somos" take the sentence to plural.


Well in english they say "They are nice people" verb is a plural like People which is always plural.

So may be :

"Nós Somos boas gente" would be ok


Gente is singular, so you have "nós somos boa gente", which is not considered good Portuguese.


Por isso devo escrever : A gente é louca
ou As pessoas são loucas

obrigado ...

I need to check my english ... i kept doing mistakes such as my bride-dress (forgetting the possesive and so on ... I also need to check difference between People and The people ..


This Unit is HELL.

Randomly we must use People without The, but sometimes with must use The people, most of the time pessoas is forbidden ... but not on this last question.

Nós somos boa gente Was refused ..


It'd be right as well


So could you say" Nos somos boas gentes"?


It sound a bit strange. "Gente" is used in singular most of the time.


What is wrong with saying 'Nos somos povos bons'?


Because we use "povo" referring to a people in a certain region (residents and people who is in a nation/country, most of the time). But it can also be used informally to refer to a lot of people.

Ex.: O povo brasileiro The Brazilian people

<pre>O povo daqui é louco </pre>

The people here is crazy

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