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  5. "Corto y largo plazo"

"Corto y largo plazo"

Translation:Short and long term.

December 28, 2012



There is that awful word "plazo" again. I am really beginning to hate this word. I cannot seem to gather anything about the context of these sentences from the dictionary hints. :/


This sentence is very common talking about economy, short and long term, 'plazo' is used to express 'period of time'. I think i used this example yesterday in other discussion.


Muchas gracias. That is a really good example.


En el largo plazo, estamos todos muertos. --John Maynard Keynes


I'm pretty sure this "plazo" word hasn't been introduced to me until now, so kind of annoying it showed up in a listening test.


It was, in the time section. You can 'peek' anyway!


To state the obvious, this is a phrase rather than a sentence...there is no verb in this. that is partly why it is difficult to gather much context from some of these.


anyone else have trouble picking up the "y" in this when played at normal speed? I'm not sure if it's just my "spanish ear" not being tuned in yet, or whether this woman runs her words together


No, I luckily clicked the slower button and was surprised to hear it too.


I'm the exact same, I find it very difficult to here the "y" sometimes. In this particular one I can't hear it at all until I click the play slower button


Is it idiomatic for the adjectives to come before the noun in this case or would "Plazo corto y largo" also be correct?

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why does it not allowed "short and long run"? I mean it is from economy, isn't it?

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