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All progression lost for any language

After few months of inactivity I've just discovered Duolingo has lost the progression of all my subscribed languages (especially my rank 20 italian) except the english one (which I suspect to be the last language I practiced the last time connected)

Is there any chance I could recover the former state of my progressions?

June 18, 2015



I think I know what has happened here. Were you learning all your other languages from English and then started English from Italian? Are you seeing all the site apparatus in Italian? You have changed your 'base' language to Italian and can only see the languages you are learning FROM ITALIAN.

If you go to the flag beside your name and look at the dropdown menu, choose the last option to Add a Language, choose parlo Inglese and then add Italian from English and go to course, I think you will see that nothing has been deleted.


Ok, you deserved this lingot, thank you ;)

Italian is now enable for french speakers but I originally began to learn from English. I add the lesson again by selecting "I speak English" and it brought me back all my unblocked skills and level.

So the issue is : the system knows I learn Italian and lets me access the course but it doesn't automatically switch to the initial "from" language chosen .


Every time you want to change the 'home' language, you have to go through this rigmarole. There is no alternative at the moment. You would think they would make it a one-click change, but no.


Do you mean your Italian level (which was 20) is now 1? I don't understand why that would happen. On the other hand, if you mean you lost the gold on your skills/lessons, that's normal. There have been several changes to the algorithm they use to decide whether your skill should stay golden or return to its original color. The skills don't stay gold as long as they once did.


Yes I mean I am now level 1 (just like I would have start to learn this language) whereas I was lvl 20 or so, 10 months ago.


And it seems very weird because if you look at my post you can see all my supposed learning language and it says my lvl, for italian as well as for english, is 10...

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