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The look to a darker one

I would like to suggest changing the actual look of duolingo to a darker one, cause it would be more comfortable and healthy to learn looking at a little bit darker backgroud thank it is now.

It's just a proposition, I hope to draw a response from you, greetings.

October 6, 2013



Note that there's also a version where you can customize the color if you think the default color scheme is too dark: http://userstyles.org/styles/90750/duolingo-dark-customizable

PS: I am the author of the stylesheet :)


good job lieryan:) I customized my look and the learning became more comfortable:) greetings!


thank you very much:D me encanta la idea de poder cambiar como quieras;) yo ahora tambien lo voy a usar:) hope u understand:) thanks.

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